Your cat or dog requires routine medical visits with a veterinarian to ensure it stays healthy. Contact Augusta Animal Clinic in Indianapolis to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fenoglio. We provide quality veterinary care including vaccinations, nutrition monitoring, dental exams, and parasite control. As with most medical issues, preventing a problem is easier than treating a problem.

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Pets need vaccinations to protect them against diseases and medical conditions. Vaccinations have become an essential part of keeping cats and dogs safe. Vaccines are administered from an early age and are given according to a schedule. Our vet in Indianapolis will discuss the vaccination schedule for core vaccinations with you and determine which non-core vaccines are needed based on your pet’s lifestyle.

Nutrition Monitoring

Not all pets need the same diet. Your dog or cat may need to eat more or less food than other animals depending on its size, weight, and age. Pets with medical problems such as urinary tract infections or weight issues need monitoring so their diet can be tweaked as needed. Our vet will help you make choices about what types of food are best for your pet. Dr. Fenoglio will keep track of your pet’s weight and medical progress to determine whether the diet needs changing for your pet’s optimal health.

Dental Exams

Cats and dogs require dental exams during their routine wellness visits. During this exam, our veterinarian will check the condition of your pet’s teeth and gums looking for signs of decay and inflammation. The teeth are cleaned in the comfort of our office. If your pet is suffering from a broken tooth, our vet will examine it and decide if it needs to be pulled. Contact our office for an assessment if your pet displays any signs of pain, such as whimpering, barking, meowing, or has difficulty eating.

Parasite Control

Dogs and cats are prone to contracting parasites as they go about their daily activities, especially if they spend any amount of time outdoors. To avoid having your cat or dog suffer from a flea or tick problem, our vet will prescribe medication as a preventative measure. Our vet can also treat intestinal parasites such as roundworms, tapeworms, and heartworms.