It is important for every pet owner to find a hospital that has a solid pharmacy attached to the animal hospital. A veterinarian depends on a pet pharmacy to carry out pet medicine treatments. Often, people overlook the role that the pharmacy plays in helping their furry friends recover. The team from the Augusta Animal Clinic is here to make sure that everyone understands just how important the pet pharmacy is when it comes to the treatment and recovery of their loved ones.

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The Role of the Pet Pharmacy of an Animal Hospital in Indianapolis

The pet pharmacy attached to any hospital has a number of roles when it comes to pet medicine. Some of the important jobs of the pharmacy include:

  • Dosages: It is the job of the pharmacy to make sure that the veterinarian has prescribed the proper dose of medication for the animal in question. The pharmacy will make sure that the dose is high enough to get the job done but also low enough to avoid a potential overdose.
  • Interactions:  Sometimes, if a pet is taking more than one medication, the two drugs can interact with each other in some way. If an interaction takes place without the knowledge of the vet, this can lead to dangerous complications that might place the pet in harm’s way. The pharmacy will make sure that this does not happen.
  • Formulation: The pharmacy is also responsible for making sure that the drug has been made the right way. Some drugs are taken by mouth. Some are injections. Some are liquids while others are tablets. All of these formulations are different. The pharmacy makes sure that the right form of the drug is being used.
  • Allergic Reactions: Sometimes, a drug can lead to an allergic reaction. A pharmacist is going to have all of this knowledge and will educate the vet and the family on potential cross-reactions. Should an allergic reaction take place, the pharmacist will tell the family what to watch for. The pharmacy plays a critical role in the dispensing and delivering of medicine.

Trust the Team from the Augusta Animal Clinic

It is critical for everyone to understand the role of the pet pharmacy in helping their loved ones recover. The pharmacy helps to make sure that medications are fulfilled properly, that interactions aren’t taking place, and that the right dose has been described. Anyone who would like to learn more about the role of the pharmacy should reach out to the Augusta Animal Clinic today to learn more. We would be happy to take care of your pets. Call us today to schedule an appointment.