Your pet’s health should never be taken for granted. Routine pet wellness exams from Augusta Animal Clinic in Indianapolis can enhance your pet’s health and wellness throughout his life. Pet wellness exams are an essential part of preventative vet care. If your pet’s health is important to you, schedule a wellness exam with your Indianapolis veterinarian today!

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What Does a Wellness Exam Entail?

At Augusta Animal Clinic, we offer comprehensive wellness exams to evaluate every aspect of your pet’s health. Our wellness exams entail:

A Physical Exam: Your Indianapolis veterinarian will examine your pet from nose to tail to ensure he’s in good health. We’ll check his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth for abnormalities and listen to his heart and lungs. We’ll examine his fur and skin for signs of parasites or skin infections and check his muscles and joints for symptoms of arthritis.

We’ll also check his vital signs (pulse, temperature, and respiration) and record his weight. If your pet has a health condition or disease, your Indianapolis vet is sure to spot early warning signs during your pet’s wellness exam, so he can get immediate treatment.

Diagnostics: When needed, we’ll perform lab tests like blood, stool, and urine testing to detect health problems and conditions.

Parasite Control:  Our Indianapolis vet will screen your pet for parasites and recommend parasite medications that will keep your pet parasite free all year round.

Vaccinations: If your pet is on an annual vaccination schedule, a wellness exam is a good time to update his vaccines. We’ll make sure your pet is up to date on his core vaccines and will recommend appropriate non-core vaccines, if necessary, due to his lifestyle to protect his health.

Dental Care: No wellness exam would be complete without oral care. Annual dental checkups and cleanings can be included in your pet’s wellness exam.

Importance of Wellness Exams

Pet wellness exams can help keep your pet healthy at every stage of his life. A wellness exam will uncover signs of diseases, dental issues, orthopedic problems, parasite infestations, and other healthcare issues early on when they’re easier to treat. Senior pets, in particular, are more susceptible to health issues that can seriously impair their health. Early diagnosis and treatment of health problems can improve your pet’s quality of life and even extend his lifespan, so you can enjoy his company for many years to come.