Our pets become members of our family and can have great impacts on our lives. That’s why it is so important to take care of them, so they live long and healthy lives. Whether it’s visiting our veterinarian or pet grooming, at Augusta Animal Clinic in Indianapolis, IN, we can do it all. Grooming is just as important as other pet care services. Here is what to expect when you bring your pet in for a grooming appointment.

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Pet Grooming Starts with a Bath

While a lot of the dirt and grime that gets on your pet is superficial and it sheds before it reaches the skin, pets still need baths. Generally, if your pet is starting to smell bad or if it’s visibly dirty, it’s time to go to our groomer so it can get a bath. A lot of people also choose to bathe their pets at home. For the most part, that’s fine. However, it is important to remember to use the right shampoo and to not bathe your pet too regularly. Over washing pets is bad for their skin, and it will actually strip important oils from their skin.

When it comes to home baths, it is also important to make sure that your pet wants to be taking the bath. Don’t force it. Rather, bribing it with treats is a great way to make sure that your pet likes taking a bath, and it isn’t a battle going forward. It’s important to, at least occasionally, take your dog to our groomer for a bath. That’s because we can make sure your pet is healthy and free of issues, like ticks and fleas. Our groomer also provides nail trims, which is important in keeping your pet healthy.

Don’t Forget Dental Health

Just like you, your pet can get cavities and have dental pain from dirty teeth. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your pet has healthy teeth and gums. Furthermore, along with personal comfort, healthy teeth can help your pet to have a longer life. Just like bathing, you can brush your pet’s teeth at home, making it something that your pet is excited to do by offering treats. When there is a lot of tartar and plaque your pet’s mouth, it’s time for a professional cleaning. Our Indianapolis vet will check your pet’s mouth and clean its teeth.