Dr. David Lee

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. David Lee is an Indianapolis native and has come to Augusta Animal Clinic after nearly 10 years as Medical Director of a veterinary practice in Greenwood. Dr. Lee is a dog and cat lover who shares his home with a Labrador and 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: Henry, Eli and Opal, and a cat named Bert.

Dr. David Fenoglio


Dr. David Fenoglio always admired his eldest brother, who worked as a doctor in the human healthcare field, while growing up—he knew he would enjoy working in the medical field as well. As his interests in science and math started to blossom, Dr. Fenoglio came to realize that one career choice was the perfect combination of his passion for science and his adoration of animals: veterinary medicine!


Veterinary Assistant

Vicki grew up in Noblesville, Indiana, where she was surrounded by farms that housed cows, pigs, and horses. She even worked at a horse farm when she was young and showed Black Angus cows as a member of the 4-H club. It didn’t take long for Vicki to develop an intense passion for animal care; for her, a career in veterinary medicine simply made sense!


Receptionist / Veterinary Assistant

Lisa grew up in Speedway, Indiana, where her family always had at least one dog in the house. Her love for animals came at quite an early age, and it simply never left. Lisa has been working to better the lives of pets and their owners in Indiana for nearly 30 years!


Registered Veterinary Technician

Jessica grew up loving animals and always knew she’d work with them. After volunteering at the humane society during high school, she officially started working in the veterinary field in 2013. Beginning as a kennel attendant she graduated from The Vet Tech Institute in 2016, becoming a registered veterinary technician shortly after. Jessica and her husband Lukas welcomed their son Emerson in 2019. If she’s not chasing after him, you’ll likely find her cuddling one or multiple of her several cats and dogs. She’s also an amateur photographer and an avid listener of music.



Ginni’s dogs and cats were her closest companions growing up, and she always felt an obligation to give something back to the pets who had shown her so much unconditional love and loyalty. She decided to dedicate herself to animal care at a very young age, and has now been grooming pets professionally for 25 years!