Modern veterinary science offers an opportunity to keep pets healthier and living longer than ever before. Diagnostic services and laboratory work provide critical information for veterinarians, often at the earliest period in an illness when treatment can be most effective. That’s why Augusta Animal Clinic is proud to offer in-house diagnostic services to provide timely and appropriate care for their patients.

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Benefits of Veterinarians with In-House Laboratory Services

A veterinarian with in-house laboratory capability is able to receive test results quickly, which ensure better patient care. Laboratory results provide detailed results about what’s occurring in an animal’s body, which can be critical in urgent care situations. In-house lab services offer greater safety, providing important information about animals before they receive anesthesia for surgery or other procedures. Information from in-house lab results can especially important in the care of older animals. It can save time both for veterinarians and for pet owners. And finally, an animal hospital that can provide in-house laboratory services can reassure pet owners about the condition of the animal as quickly as possible, providing peace of mind.

Procedures That Can Be Performed In-House

In-house laboratory services provide timely information on blood tests, such as blood counts, blood chemistry levels, and blood gases. It can help your vet determine problems with kidney function, liver function, diabetes, heart problems, anemia, lung function, thyroid disorders and generalized infections. These tests, along with other diagnostic measures, can provide a full picture of the animal’s condition that can lead to more accurate and effective care. Fast and convenient test results means your veterinarian can provide immediate treatment of health problems, so your pet can enjoy better health and a longer life.