During the summer, fleas and ticks seem to be more problematic than other times of the year. These parasites can cause harm and distress to your pet. If your dog is an indoor pet and only goes outdoors while walking or exercising, you may still be concerned about the possibility of your pet coming into contact with fleas or ticks. If you live in or around Indianapolis and your pet needs pest prevention treatment, schedule an appointment with our veterinarian at Augusta Animal Clinic.

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Proper Pet Care Begins with A Routine Exam

A routine exam will determine if your pet has any ailments that need to be treated. Also, you will be informed about our flea and tick preventive measures. Treatment can be administered during your pet’s appointment to prevent infestations. Your veterinarian will discuss the dangers of Lyme disease and the benefits of tick prevention.

Each treatment can be performed during an office visit, but you can also purchase products that are designed to ward off fleas and ticks at home. During your office visit, your dog or cat will receive vaccinations, if needed and his or her teeth will be inspected for signs of decay.

Basic Tick and Flea Prevention Tips

Your pet’s flea and tick treatment may be effective for a few weeks to a couple of months. The duration will depend on the brand of the product and the treatment type. Over the counter products, such as powders or sprays may not be as effective as a product that is purchased directly through a veterinarian’s office.

Flea drops that are administered along the shoulder blades will likely be the method of prevention that your veterinarian uses. The application will only take a few seconds and your pet will not experience any discomfort. After you return from your pet’s appointment, flea prevention measures that pertain to your household will be addressed. Flea eggs and newly-hatched fleas can infest bedding and furnishings that your pet rests on.