At theĀ Augusta Animal Clinic, we are always working hard to make sure that every pet in the Indianapolis, IN area is taken care of. In order to do that, we try to make sure that we stay up to date on the latest treatment options in our field. There are new treatment options coming out all the time in the healthcare field and this applies to pets as well. One of the tools that we use to help our patients is called digital ultrasound. There are a few key points that everyone should know about this treatment option.

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How Does Digital Ultrasound Work?

First, it is important for everyone to know how this treatment option works. Digital ultrasound is an imaging technique that is used to generate a picture that medical professionals can use for diagnostic and treatment purposes. This modality uses sound waves to generate an image based on density differences. An ultrasound machine produces sound waves that pass through different media at different speeds.

For example, sound waves pass through solid substances quickly; however, they pass through lightweight substances more slowly. In this manner, light substances, such as air, show up dark on the screen. On the other hand, heavy substances, such as bone, show up white. These density differences are used to produce an image on the screen that doctors can use to make treatment decisions.

How Do We Use This Diagnostic and Treatment Option?

There are a few ways that vets can use digital ultrasound to help patients recover. One of the most common ways that pets might benefit from an ultrasound is for pregnancy purposes. This can be used to make sure the babies are growing appropriately. This is a tool that can also be used to identify abscesses and tumors. Abscesses can be lanced with needles and the vet can use this imaging tool to track needles as they enter the abscess. One of the major benefits of ultrasound is that this tool does not require any radiation to produce its image.