about our veterinary practice Indianapolis, IN

Welcome to the Augusta Animal Clinic, a leading veterinary care center serving the residents of Indianapolis, Indiana. This veterinary hospital is committed to providing a full-service experience to every animal that comes in for a visit. To maximize the quality of our animal care, we’ve designed a comprehensive plan that covers a wide range of healthcare needs. Here is what you need to know about us and our comprehensive veterinary care.

Meet The Veterinary Team

Part of our success at Augusta Animal Clinic comes down to the excellent team that we’ve assembled. The team is made up of certified veterinary professionals capable of providing a great number of services. At the head of our team is the clinic’s owner, Dr. David Lee. Dr. Lee is a life-long animal lover and loves working with pets and their families. Specializing in veterinary medicine, Dr. Fenogolio started the practice in 1983 and has a strong passion for science and animal welfare. Our veterinary assistant is Vicki, an Indiana native with years of experience with farm animals. There is also Lisa, a veterinary assistant and receptionist, and the groomer, Ginni. Every one of our staff members is trained and experienced in handling animals with love, care, and efficiency.

Meet Our Team